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Electricity suppliers in Spain

To change the name of an electricity or gas contract or to get the lowest prices call +34 91 123 89 19 or send an email to

Since 2009 the electricity market in Spain is liberalized. Any user can select the company (comercializadora) they want from the many choices that we can find in the market.

In Spain, the distribution of the electricity is done by the distribution companies (called distribuidoras) which depending on your geographical zone in Spain it will be different.

However, the electricity contract is not made any more with the distribution company but with your comecializadora. Every client selects one of the offers from the different companies (indexed prices, fixed prices, day/night prices, etc) and this company will give the user service using the distribution lines owned by the distribution company. In the electricity tariff there will be one part intended for covering the cost of the distribution companies.

Register an electricity contract in Spain

In order to register an electricity contract in Spain you may need the following information depending on the status of the service:

  • New service (Alta de luz), no electricity at the flat
    • CUPS code, indentifies the electricity installation. In order to have this number, you have to call your distribution company and give the exact address. This code is a 20 figures code starting from "ES" and also appears on the electricity bill.
    • An Indentity document (DNI/NIE) is needed (CIF/VAT code for enterprises)
    • Certificado de Instalación Eléctrica, this document is needed when the flat/house/office electrical installation has more than 20 years or is a new house that has never had electricity.
    • Electricity power: The user shall select the power from a listed powers  (potencias normalizadas in kW) depending on the number and power of the electrical elements that may use at the same time.
    • Bank account for automatic bank withdrawal (usually a Spanish bank account is needed).
  • Exchange electricity contract holder (Cambio de titular contrato de luz), there is electricity at the flat but the contract is not at the user's name:
    • Electricity bill to find the information of the contract including the CUPS code to identify the installation.
    • Identification card of the person that will be contract holder. As well, some companies request as well an identification call of the actual holder of the contract.

Price of registering an electricity contract in Spain

The price of registering an electricity installation is Spain is regulated so it will be always the same independently of the company chosen as comercializadora.

This prices will varies directly proportional to the power subscribed capacity. If the apartment has had the same or lower power on the last 3 years, this prices will be lower:

  • 3,45 kW............136,93 € (165,68 € VAT included)
  • 4,6 kW..............179,56 € (217,27 € VAT included)
  • 5,75 kW............222,19 € (268,85 € VAT included)
  • 6,9 kW..............264,82 € (320,43 € VAT included)
  • 8,05 kW............307,45 € (372,02 € VAT included)
  • 9,2 kW..............350,08 € (423,60 € VAT included)

If you want to subscribe an electricity contract or to be advice for the cheaper electricity contract in each case you can email to We can advice you as well on natural gas services in Spain.

Electricity Companies in Spain

The main electricity companies in Spain are the following:

However, there are other electricity companies that offer lower prices with the same service.

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